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Testing Backflow Protection Devices in Halton Region

Our Frequently Asked Question on Backflow Testing

At AGE Mechanical Plumbing we have all the proper equipment needed to test and install your backflow devices. These devices help keep your water clear from any contaminants or pollution that can be caused by backflow. In water supply systems, water is usually sustained at a substantial pressure to deliver flowing water from your shower, tap or other faucet fixture.

Annual testing for backflow protection devices is needed to ensure safe drinking water and is required in the Halton Region and surrounding areas. Cross Connection Control (CCC) Surveys are mandatory every 5 years to locate where backflow prevention devices are needed. CCC Surveys must be completed by an OWWA (Ontario Water Works Association) -accredited examiner.

Do you currently have a backflow device or more installed? If so, you still need to have the CCC Survey and have your device(s) tested. Make sure an OWWA-certified CCC specialist with a cross connection license performs your backflow device testing.

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Our Frequently Asked Question on Backflow Testing

Q: What steps are taken to complete a backflow test?

A: Prior to testing, you as the homeowner will have to give permission to momentarily shut off your home's water supply. In order to accurately perform a backflow test, there can't be any flowing water through the backflow device. Every backflow device consists of built-in testing ports, making the testing process efficient as it is easier for examiners to ensure your device is working properly. To analyze the state of your device, our technician will employ a testing kit throughout the testing process.

Q: How Do I Know You're Certified to Test Backflow Devices?

A:When choosing a technician to test your backflow prevention device, you should double-check their credentials. Before a technician is certified, he must pass a Cross Connection Control course. This license is only valid for five years; after this period, the technician must be re-certified.

Getting your backflow prevention device tested yearly is one of the most important things you do to keep your family and your home safe. The testing process is quick, and routine maintenance like this goes a long way in preventing major repairs down the road.

While your backflow device is being tested the main water supply for your building will have to be temporarily shut off. Backflow tests cannot be performed while the water is on. The technician will use a test kit to analyze your backflow device. After enduring that your device and surrounding components are all in good working order we will then turn your water back on.

The test usually takes 30 minutes at the most per device plus any extra repairs that are required.

-To learn more about the backflow testing process or to schedule one for your home, give us a call!

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