Backflow Prevention & Cross Connection Surveys

At Age Mechanical Plumbing we have all of the proper equipment needed to test and install your back flow devices.  These devices help to keep your water clear of any contaminants or pollution that can be caused by backflow.

Annual testing for backflow devices is required to ensure safe drinking water and is required in the Halton Region and surrounding areas.

Do you currently have a backflow device installed? If so, you will need to have the Cross Connection Survey and have your device(s) tested.  Make sure a OWWA- certified specialist with a cross connection license performs your backflow testing.


With AGE Mechanical Plumbing you can expect:

  • Experienced team of OWWA certified backflow testers
  • Minimal interruption to your property’s operation
  • Testing and inspection completed quickly and accurately
  • Use of required forms, tags and procedures as set out by your local backflow prevention program
  • Submission of completed test report(s), supporting documents and applicable fees on your behalf
  • Provide ongoing annual service based on future testing requirements
  • We offer prompt, respectful, expert service from professionals who are proud of the license they hold

Frequently Asked Questions:

Prior to testing, you as the business owner will have to give permission to momentarily shut off your businesses water supply.  In order to accurately perform a backflow test there can’t be water flowing through the backflow device.  Every backflow device has it’s own built in testing ports, making the testing process efficient.  To analyze the state of your device, our technician will employ a testing kit throughout the process. The test usually takes no longer than 30 minutes per device, plus any extra time needed for repairs required.

When choosing a technician to test your backflow prevention device, you should double check their credentials. Before a technician is certified they must pass a Cross Connection course.  This license is only valid for 5 years, after this period the technician must be re certified.

The connection between a potable water system (our drinking water) and a source of contamination (liquids, gasses or solids).

The unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction, usually caused by back siphonage or back pressure, allowing contaminants to enter the potable water supply.

A device or assembly installed at strategic locations in the plumbing system to prevent backflow from occurring.

Some municipalities are actively seeking compliance with backflow prevention by-laws. If you received a letter, you are now on notice and require service from a qualified backflow specialist.

AGE Mechanical Plumbing will complete all required information for your backflow preventer device test report. Completed reports are submitted on your behalf to your local backflow prevention/cross-connection control program administrator. Copies are provided to the client and archived, should you ever require another copy in the future.

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