Industrial Services


Land that is zoned as industrial has strict requirements for plumbing installations and maintenance.

It is essential that your industrial plumbing be both operational and efficient so that your factory, warehouse or other industrial business can operate at peak performance. We at AGE Mechanical have both the experience and expertise necessary to advise you on disposal systems, water supply, fixtures and faucets, sewage ejections plums and much more. We work with clients in a number of industrial environments including new construction, machine shops, warehouses, and factories.

Designed for boosting water supply pressure and liquid transfer.  No matter how large your facility is, we can ensure that water and liquids flow quickly and efficiently throughout.

Submersible industrial sewage pumps come in many sizes and power levels.  Our plumbers will discuss and access what your facility needs and work with you on an effective solution.

Prevent potential flooding and ensure that water is effectively removed from your industrial property through our professional drain installation and maintenance.

Factories and other commercial businesses use water for a variety of purposes and it must often be treated either for reuse or disposal. Water entering a plant must meet high standards of quality to be fit for use for specific industrial purposes. At AGE Mechanical we have the expertise and training to help ensure that your water meets these standards.

Clear tough blockages with high power water flushing. There is no better way to keep your industrial pipes free of debris.


Water & Sewer Connections

We are available to assist you with all your water & sewer connection needs.

In plumbing there are a few different types of systems, one of them being the drainage system.  The main sewer line is the lifeline for the plumbing system inside your home or building.  Without the sewer line you would not be able to get rid of any plumbing waste.

The water main system is the underground water piping that runs from the municipal water main to your home. The municipality is usually responsible for the water line up to the curb stop (main shut off at the street).  The water line from the curb stop to your home is the home owners responsibility.

We Specialize In:

Residential Drain Cleaning

Water Treatment

Commercial Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jet Cleaning

In-Floor Heating Install & Service

Water Damage Prevention

Sump Pump Installation

Pipe Thawing & Back-Flow Prevention

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