Checking clogged toilet pipe with inspection camera.

Drain Camera Inspection

Technology is a valuable asset when it comes to the plumbing trade.  Plumbing cameras are able to fit inside a pipe or line and take the guess work out of diagnosing clogs and damage to plumbing in your home or business.  Not only can the damage be located with a hi resolution plumbing camera, but the exact nature of the problem is easily diagnosed.

How Does it Work?

  • A highly flexible “snake” or “rod” is run through a plumbing pipe, conduit or plumbing sewer line.
  • It has a miniature high-resolution camera on the end that picks up all visual images of the pipe interior and everything that is happening inside.
  • It is commonly manually fed by a technician who studies the images and determines the depth or line-to-surface distance via a radio transmitter.
  • The inspection is recorded for future viewing, recording drain depth, type of pipe material, and the flow direction.  The inspection is recorded so the home owner can see what is happening and why the plumber is making certain recommendations or suggestions.  The plumbing camera results help the homeowner deal with any problems that are happening now and prevent new ones from happening in the future.

When to Inspect?

  • You should opt for a full camera inspection if the toilets and sink drains back up and stop responding. Loss of water pressure.
  • Prior to purchasing a used home, a camera inspection of the properties plumbing system is a sound idea.  This way you know you will not be stuck with a repair cost after the purchase.
  • You should opt for a full camera inspection if the toilets and sink drains back up and stop responding to normal unclogging efforts.
Wasserschaden im Haus nach Überflutung mit Wasserflecken an der Wand

What Problems are Detected?

The reason this type of video inspection is useful is because of the problems it detects, that would otherwise go undetected. Some of the issues it finds include:

1. Cracked or damaged sections of pipe.
2. Tree root penetration.
3. Improperly fitted joints.
clogged sewer pipe

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