water treatment

Water Treatment

Why water treatment? Do you have poor tasting, poor quality water or simply want to remove the hardness of well water, if so AGE Mechanical can help.  We specialize in the sale, installation, and maintenance of the industries leading water treatment products. There are a wide variety of water treatment options available today. We offer residential, commercial as well as industrial water treatment systems.  Contact us today to discuss what we have to offer you.

Water Softeners 100%
Chlorine Removal & De-scalers 100%
Whole home automatic filtration systems 100%
Reverse Osmosis Systems & Iron Filters 100%

Protects your plumbing

from hard water build up on fixtures, appliances & pipes.

Makes skin softer & smoother

Shampoo lathers better & soap rinses cleaner.

Saves you money

Save money on home energy, water & detergents.

Less Scrubbing

Noticeably cleaner dishes & spotless glassware.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who receives their water from a private well or surface water should disinfect before consumption. The UV light works by the disease causing the micro organisms being exposed to the UV light, in turn their DNA is disrupted, disabling the micro organism ability to replicate and cause illness.

The UV system uses about as much electrical energy as a 40 watt light bulb.

Yes, the UV water purification system needs to operate for several minutes to reach the full UV output. Excessive on/off cycling of the UV water purification system will greatly reduce it’s life expectancy. Also by having the UV water purification system operating continuously you minimize the chance of consuming untreated, unsafe water.

UV disinfection should always be the last step to completing your water treatment system. The UV system should be installed so that both hot and cold water distribution receive treated water.

Over time the UV output of the UV water purification system decreases.  Approximate life expectancy of a UV lamp is around 9000 hours.  After 9000 hours the water quality output decreases and infection performance becomes unreliable.

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems work to improve the smell and taste of your drinking water, which is what gives you a crisp, clean taste. RO is a treatment process that pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane.  Only the water filters through, leaving behind any impurities which are then flushed away.  The result is water that is 99% pure.

There are two common types of water softeners.  Most water softeners used today are called ion exchange systems.  However, the one most sold uses the demand initiated regeneration (DIR) water softener. DIR softeners monitor your usage over a period of time, and regenerate only when needed. With the ion exchange technique, hard irons like calcium and magnesium are replaced with salt ions, like sodium and potassium.  This is called recharging, which is what softens your water.

*We also offer water testing, performed by one of our accredited water specialists.  We will determine which product will best meet your specific needs.

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